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Desire meets state-of-the-art design dexterity!

The new wave quintessential storage boxes now have a new outlook. Synonymous as a brand known for offering the choicest & trendiest design solutions in India, we at Arttd'inox have always worked towards revolutionizing the design space in the ever-changing industry. More so recently, our range of stainless steel Boxes & Jars have come out to be represented as a true testament of multi-purpose storage décor and accent pieces that are must-haves in each and every household.

As a responsible brand, we kept in mind the negative impact of environmental footprints that various storage items cause; and as an alternative solution, we rose up to the occasion with stainless steel accent pieces that are not just practical, & environment friendly but also please the eye. Inspired by the exaggerated motifs of Indian artistry that are an ode to perfection; our range of Boxes & Jars are a testament of the fine carvings etched by Indian artisans who are masters of the art, since generations.