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Combo 04

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What can be better than a gift of ultimate purity for your loved ones this festive season? Well, with the luxurious design aesthetic of Arttd'inox combined with the sustainable form of stainless steel, we bring forth the Padma Shvet gifting combo, comprising of a Padma Shvet Tray - Large, a Padma Shvet Canister - Large, and a Padma Shvet Canister - Small, with an aim of redefining traditional decor products in the modern context.

Ingrained with the aspects of wholesomeness, rectitude and spirituality, the Padma Shvet Tray - Large, aptly combines form with function while rendering absolute delicacy in making. The Padma Shvet Canister - Large and Small adorn your tablescape with a luxurious aesthetic.

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Padma Shvet Canister - LARGE
Padma Shvet Tray Large
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